The Real Reason You’re not Motivated…

Welcome to the first installment in our Journal’s series on motivation. Thanks for tuning in!

The Problem with Today’s Motivation Industry…

Motivation is undoubtedly among my favourite topics to write and speak about. These days, the internet and fitness industry are pulsing with motivation in the form of videos and memes. We’ve all seen those shots of impossibly ripped dudes or multi-million-dollar yachts paired with some cheesy quote that promises it can all be yours if you just get off your ass and “DO IT!…”

The issue with these memes and videos is that they display the end result without the blood, sweat and tears required to get there. They offer unrealistic and unsustainable advice to beginners-without-discipline. Today’s motivational media creates a false sense of accomplishment in that you feel like you’ve achieved something by merely watching inspiration-porn. You may get excited for a few minutes, but it quickly dissipates as you revert to your routines of comfort and lethargy.

NO, this is far from the motivation we preach about.

In contrast, true motivation is a powerful, astonishing force… yet mysterious in the sense that it can’t be directly observed. It occurs as an internal impulse that leads a person to dream or act on a goal.

Is Motivation Enough?

Regretfully, anyone who has ever been motivated understands that this impulse alone cannot sustain action long enough to realize a goal. Your initial, attractive spark of motivation to do something dissolves faster than Peter Parker in Tony Stark’s arms when you grasp just how much effort it requires…

There is a quote by Jim Rohn that goes, “Motivation is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot…” I think you get the gist.

To truly harness the power of motivation is a trying endeavor. It is a powerful force, but only as part of a bigger equation. Much to your relief, I’ve devised a recipe for success to teach you how to fully utilize motivation to reach any goal.

The Recipe

For myself, motivation consists of only a fraction of the recipe for success. There are four factors that complete the equation…

1) Get Motivated

Motivation is often the deciding factor between rising early to attack your day with determination and giving in to a couple more hours of sweet, sweet sleep. Your first step is to renounce the memes and videos that have been plaguing your success and learn to find motivation from within. I do this by meditating on my goals to forge a solid vision of what I want to achieve. Envisioning success daily is the most effective way to spark sustainable motivation and get on the right path.

2) Find Purpose

This is where things get a little tricky. The foundational element of success lies in finding out what motivates you, because motivation in all its power is useless without purpose. That being said, finding your purpose can be the single most difficult pursuit in life… and some never even find theirs. The most foolish mistake you can make is to believe your purpose is destined to come to you as if by magic. Nothing is ever that simple.

*Side note: a purpose should not be confused with
a passion. A purpose is a reason for which
something is done, and a passion is an
emotion or feeling of enthusiasm
towards something.

A person’s quest for purpose should be like a wolf’s pursuit of prey. Relentless. Are you meant to build an empire? To bring financial freedom to you and your family? To help people in your own way? To revolutionize the way we do something?

Try something different, embark on new journeys, explore your passions, take the first steps towards a goal. Rather than living to discover a singular passion, live passionately in all aspects of life. It is futile to believe we are meant for one thing and one thing only. All of this will bring clarity to your life’s purpose and how you’re meant to make an impact. When you discover how to utilize passion to the fullest potential you will lead a life of purpose.

3) Stay Focused

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain focus today when so much of our precious time is lost to eating tide pods, playing Fortnite and keeping up with the Kardashians…

Unless you’re “The Rock”, focus doesn’t come easy, or, at least he makes it look easy. For most, focus is a beast that needs taming… an art that requires practice. Where many beginners go wrong is that they attempt to focus on a project for long periods of time only to get discouraged by a flood of distractions and low productivity. The key is to start small. The same progressive overload you use while training your muscles can be applied to training your brain. Ditch the distractions (Facebook, Instagram, games, etc.) and give your undivided attention to a single task for 20 minutes. If you succeed, keep going until you feel the need to stop. Repeat, and add a small amount of time daily to boost your focus stamina. Achieving your goals requires the ability to persevere through obstacles, so FOCUS and ACHIEVE.

4) Take Action

This last part of the equation is simplified once you have the rest of your ducks in a row (Motivation, Purpose, Focus), but ultimately the decision to act is entirely up to you. Start small, go for consistent progress, and love what you do.


Just like learning to cook a new meal, it will take time and discipline to get this recipe down to an exact science. To quote another wise phrase by Jim Rohn, “you cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight”. Smart man.

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Everyone is alive, but not everyone is living.

Become the change you seek.

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