Welcome to T∙LIV’s Journal

Cheers from That’s Living, and WELCOME TO THE MOVEMENT.

We’re thrilled you’re here… and even more thrilled to serve up our thoughts and views for you on T∙LIV’s Journal. A place for us to share with you what we love to do most… motivate you to make achievements greater than what society has intended for you.

What started as a dream has evolved into a powerful movement of self-improvement. “That’s Living” embodies the eternal fight to become better.


To sharpen our minds and bodies and consistently seek growth.

Brand and apparel aside, our primary aim is to educate and inspire… inspire you to fracture the artificial limits imposed on your potential by our idle culture. In our Journal, we’ll deliver quality content focused on our passions for…

Fitness – from beginner lessons to advanced practices, our blogs will touch on all aspects of fitness and how we combat its challenges.

Lifestyle – T∙LIV’s guide to introducing positive change to build a life of success centered in purpose.

Motivation – we’ll explore the power of motivation and what it takes to turn motivation into disciplined action.

As “That’s Living” grows and our Journal evolves… so will our content. You’ll hear avid guest writers give their take on fitness and success and we’ll showcase T∙LIV’s new products and collections for you, our readers, first.

The Journal is a community for sharing and we encourage you to interact. Engage in discussion in the comment section below and voice your views. We love hearing feedback, critical comments, and contrasting opinions. Also, drop us a comment and let us know what topics you’d like to hear about.

Join us on The Journal as we touch on everything pertaining to fitness, lifestyle, motivation, and what it truly means to live. Stay tuned for some great content!

Everyone is alive, but not everyone is living.


Author: Jamil

Founder of That's Living, writer, fitness and lifestyle enthusiast. Working everyday to build a legacy that will outlast me.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to T∙LIV’s Journal”

  1. How can I be part of this moment ?
    I really like the clothe,.and what you are about.
    You are clothing are quality, and something I would wear everywhere.
    I am interested and I want to changes lives.
    Fitness always been my life and I am willing to do whatever it take to chase dream.
    I am looking for a great company like your who would help achieve my goals quicker by supportinge me.
    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to speak with you guys soon.

    1. Good Afternoon David!

      We are extremely pleased that you like the apparel! That’s Living offers global shipping for our international customers, and free shipping across Canada.

      If you have a passion for fitness and take time each day to pursue your dreams than you are already part of the movement. As you continue to expand yourself both mentally and physically you will start to make an impact in other peoples lives.

      We hope to continue supporting you by releasing quality content on a variety of topics. To better help you we would love to hear what topics you would like us to speak on next.

      Feel free to sign up to our mail list to receive notifications when new blog content comes out, and be the first to know about new product releases!

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