Spring Cleaning for your Life

                Ah… spring is finally upon us. While I find tremendous joy in the gifts that winter brings, most find relief in the arrival of spring. It marks the end of the bone-snapping cold and the beginning of Iced-Capp season. Yuck!

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When the Starbucks barista asks me how I want my coffee, my answer is always the same. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity.

                Spring’s welcome warmth triggered a longing to roll out the BBQ and slap on a fat steak. To my dismay, I uncovered 6 months of neglect caked onto my cast iron grates. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that after a few hours of intensive deep cleansing… I’m enjoying steak again. With the break in the weather, cleaning my BBQ among other things got me thinking about spring cleaning.

                I can only assume you’re lost as to why you’re reading about barbeques and spring cleaning on a fitness and lifestyle blog. Stick with me and you’ll soon understand where I’m going with this.

                The culture of spring cleaning, to me, is as nonsensical a practice as that of a new year’s resolution. Comparable to making a resolution only to break it before February rolls around, spring cleaning produces maybe a month of bliss before your unpredictable life /sharts/ all over the blank canvas that is your freshly organized space.  

*/shart/ – expel feces accidentally when breaking wind

                The nature of spring cleaning is nonsensical in that people use the practice to cleanse their accumulated filth merely once a year… only to allow it to build up for another solar cycle. The problem with this notion lies in the instability of life itself. Our lives are far to variable to warrant only one annual re-centering. Ultimately, that’s what spring cleaning is all about, isn’t it? Re-centering your life by eliminating clutter and reducing stress. Once a year is not enough… which finally brings me to my point.

The IMPORTANCE of a Nurturing Environment for Growth

                Our minds are most creative when free of stress and clutter, but every day brings new distractions. The ever-changing landscape of life requires frequent analysis and recalibration of our environment. Contrary to a new year’s resolution, if someone was constantly standing on your chest you wouldn’t wait till January 1st to get rid of them, would you?

                Life is full of filth… the cognitive-clouding-confusion-of-clutter, the soul-sucking-storm-of-stress, and the painfully-poisonous-plague-of-people. Say that three times fast. The key to a nurturing environment for growth is to rid ourselves of the filth that starves our potential. A single session of spring cleaning is insufficient and unsustainable. In order to take out the trash, we need to periodically re-evaluate which assets, actions, and people are beneficial, and which are not. For myself, re-evaluating my environment or workspace is a practice that has proven to produce results time and time again. Filth comes back like a boomerang, so deflect it by fortifying your creative space and protecting your growth.

                Now that my point is across, I’d like to introduce a critically acclaimed concept I’ve just now created to help you optimize your surroundings for maximum focus…


                It’s a simple concept really… clean up your life = maximise your focus = growth. This doesn’t mean once a year. Remember, if you want to spring clean your life, you’re going to have to adapt to or change your surroundings… frequently. This is particularly relevant for those with a hectic, active lifestyle. If you’re balancing growth in your job, relationships, fitness, hobbies and even building a business… you can’t afford excess stress and distractions. You need an environment that promotes productivity and allows you to focus. In my lengthy 25 years on this Earth, I’ve come to understand there are two central contributors to a poor growing environment… The stress of an unorganized, non-nurturing creative space, and the breed of people you allow yourself to associate with. So, without further ado, let’s spring clean your life!


                The condition of your creative space dictates the reach of your daily productivity and the power of a clean work space is vastly underestimated relative to your intellectual momentum. Surrounded by clutter, your brain becomes deeply afflicted with stress and reduced concentration. I won’t even begin to attempt working if my office is messy. It’s as if each idea has to break through a barrier of unrelenting fog before reaching consciousness. To simplify this notion, do like the creepy, purple dinosaur and CLEAN UP! Maintaining a clean workspace will maximise your focus and creative output.           


                Motivational speakers and revered industry leaders often speak about the significance of surrounding yourself with the RIGHT people. People who are better than you. People who will motivate you to match or exceed their intelligence or skillset. Not as often do they share with you the importance of eliminating the WRONG people from your life. Much the same as the RIGHT person can elevate your growth, the WRONG person can be severely toxic. True friends are hard to come by in a world teeming with narcissists; addicted to drama and uninspired to seek growth. Far worse, these same people that some of you call friends aim to tear you down out of jealousy for your possible success and fear of being left alone.

                Evaluate your friendships for a minute. Ask yourself, “does ________ value and respect this friendship?” Or, “is _______ my friend for mutual benefit rather than selfish gain?” What about, “does _______ want to see me succeed?” If you answered no, then take it from me… your so called “friend” belongs in a garbage can. Understand that this kind of person is incapable of change. You’ll quickly realize it’s time to eliminate your shitty friend from your life… so that you may take root in a healthy environment and begin your unrestricted growth. If for some reason your morals or circumstances inhibit you from cutting them out, then at least limit your time with them. A swift squirt of Febreze in the eyes should effectively spring clean them from your life for a while.

                Similar to a slab of soot and mold impeding you from grilling your first steak of the season… chaotic clutter and false friends can impede your ability to grow. Our lives require frequent re-evaluation to optimize our environment for personal growth.

                There you have it! SPRING CLEANING FOR YOUR LIFE! It’ll catch on…

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Author: Jamil

Founder of That's Living, writer, fitness and lifestyle enthusiast. Working everyday to build a legacy that will outlast me.

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning for your Life”

    1. That’s a great question, but difficult to answer. Each situation is different and requires a specialized approach. For example, a person who is not toxic, but is unmotivated and does not mutually contribute to your growth has no value. For a driven individual with aspirations… this kind of relationship can be disadvantageous in that their lethargy can poison your drive and waste your valuable time. In such a case, where the offending individual may be an old friend with whom you share memories and occasionally enjoy their company… there is no need to completely sever ties with them. Simply spend less time with this person and keep yourself busy with what truly matters. Your personal growth. And be truthful too. The latest generation of young adults lack the courage to invoke a truthful confrontation… they would sooner drink venom. The truth can be powerful. Tell your friend you would rather spend your valuable time progressing instead of regressing. Who knows, maybe the truth will open their eyes and they will join you on your path of growth.

      On the opposite spectrum, someone who is severely toxic to not only your growth, but also your mental and emotional health does not deserve another minute of your time. Why some people continue to entertain toxic relationships is beyond me. This kind of person is often a narcissist and will deliberately tear you down and hinder your growth in an effort to keep you on their level. They feed off of the despair they cause. It invigorates them. Narcissists exercise this type of behaviour in fear that you will move on and exceed them… no longer requiring their validation. Believe it or not, these types of relationships do exist. If you happen to find yourself in a parasitic relationship like this you need to abandon ship, ASAP! Truth is just as important in this situation, so give it to ’em straight. Tell them why you are done and get out… no reason not to be blunt. They will likely become violently defensive and initiate a barrage of verbal attacks. DO NOT RE-ENGAGE! Just leave and don’t look back, you will thank yourself later. Also, know that any sentiment in this situation is terribly misplaced. Every relationship has good times and bad. Don’t hesitate to cut someone off by dwelling on the good times in hope that they might change. Narcissists do not change. Period. It’s like trying to cut a rope with a butter knife when you should be using an axe.

      Alternatively, maybe your friend isn’t a narcissist… but is still toxic to your life in a less direct way. They could be a drug addict, an alcoholic, or just a bad influence in general. A situation like this might require a more delicate touch to protect them from inflicted further self-harm.

      Regardless of the situation, make sure to prioritize your growth. Use your discretion and judge your relationships appropriately.

      That’s my two cents.

    1. Thank you for tuning in!

      All these problems are part of life. How you react to them is what makes the difference! Stay tuned for more great posts coming soon.

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